“Control your own destiny or someone else will.” – Jack Welch

Relationships issues can vary greatly, but hypnotherapy is an empowering tool to help you move things forward and make powerful changes in your life.


  • Relationship issues with a partner

  • Divorce

  • Infidelity

  • Fear of abandonment/insecurity

  • Relationship issues with family or friends

  • Difficulty forming relationships

  • Difficulty moving on from a relationship

  • Fear and anxiety associated with dating or sexual relationships

  • Tendency to engage in toxic and abusive relationships



All we ask is that you have a real desire to achieve the end result.


Take Control * Take Ownership * Make The Changes


We work together to empower you to make the changes towards a better life.


Every So-Hypno session is geared to tackle your specific issues, so every session will vary. So-Hypno will help you to unburden, understand yourself better and make progress.  Hypnotherapy sessions will develop greater self-belief and self-esteem, and give you the confidence to move on, remodel or evolve your relationship.


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