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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

We at So Hypno are focused and committed to the protection of your personal information. If you have any questions regarding your privacy in relation to this please contact us at So Hypno Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching.



We appreciate that you are trusting the above with personal details and we take that seriously. We will ensure that any data provided by you is stored securely and only used for the purposes required.

The information we ask from you at the enquiry stage is:

  • Your Name

  • Your Email address

  • Contact  Telephone Number



We will use this information to contact you to discuss your enquiry and to communicate with you. Further information will be required if you choose to continue and book an appointment. You will be asked to complete and return a consultation form giving such information as:

  • Gp’s contact details

  • Any contra indications which may result in determining whether Hypnotherapy is suitable for you.

  • Next of Kin contact details.


We will also keep notes of the Hypnotherapy sessions as this is a legal requirement. These notes will be disposed of in a secure manner after a suitable time period. You may choose to unsubscribe to emails by clicking on the unsubscribe button within the email.



  • The right to be informed (hence this policy)

  • The right to access…you may see your file at any time. Please request in writing to So Hypno

  • We are required to  keep your details for a period of 7 years. After this time any information we hold on you will be securely disposed of.

  • The right to restrict processing. We will use your information only for the purposes within the policy. We uphold the common law principles of confidentiality and your rights within this. However if in my opinion as a professional clinical hypnotherapist I believe there is a good reason that by not disclosing some information gathered by you could lead to danger or harm to either you, myself, or others then your Gp or other party may be informed. At this time only relevant information would be disclosed.

  • The right to object to receiving any marketing from So Hypno unless you have given us consent to do so.




Cookies are files which ask your permission to be placed on your computers hard drive so that it can analyse the amount of ‘traffic’ to the website. This enables us to see how the website is being viewed. You can learn more about cookies at


When you use a link to other websites please be aware that we do not have any control of over these link websites and therefore cannot be held responsible for the protection of any information which you give to them and you will not be covered through my Privacy Policy.


  • UK Data Protection Act 1988 (DPA)

  • EU Data Protection Directive 1995 (DPD)

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)

  • Overview of the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

  • Data Protection Act 1998

  • Google Privacy Policy



Your data is securely stored .  Paper forms and notes are stored in a securely locked cabinet and any other data is stored securely on encrypted devices which are routinely backed up.


If there is detection of a data breach I will adhere to the steps drawn up in the GDPR. I will inform both the person involved and the ICO and I will investigate and rectify the breach which has occurred.


If you feel that your data has not been stored securely by So Hypno and wish to make a complaint please contact us directly by email If your complaint is not resolved you can contact the ICO- Information Commissioners Office on 03031231113.


Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for professional medical care. Hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy and professional health advice must always be given by your GP. You must be committed and agreeable to change. Homework will be  given and required to be completed. You must want to make the changes. There cannot be a full guarantee of success but I am committed to helping each client help themselves to achieve their goals and life their best lives.


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Privacy Policy

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