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Hypnomenopause Practitioner in Northumberland, Cumbria, Country Durham, Tyne and Wear, UK

Hypnomenopause Practitioner

Hypnomenopause Practitioner in Northumberland

Are you Perimenopausal or slap bang in the middle of Menopause?

Are you struggling and feeling overwhelmed by the emotional and physical effects that you are now experiencing? It can be a worrying time…. Mood swings, hot flushes, disturbed sleep, low mood, joint pain are just some of the symptoms you may experience right now. Do your children, partner or friends comment on your change in behaviour. Have they maybe been on the other end of your emotional or anger driven outbursts.

I work with people like you…. you are not alone….what you are going through is completely normal. As a Specialist HypnoMenopause Practitioner I take you through a 1:1 program, reframing your Menopausal transition.


Over 3 sessions we focus on reducing symptoms of Hot flushes, Sleep, Mood swings and more. It is the program that I wish had been available when I started experiencing Perimenopausal symptoms and didn’t have a clue what was happening to me.

Hypnomenopause Practitioner in Northumberland
Hypnomenopause Practitioner in Northumberland

Thank you so much for the sessions to help with Menopausal symptoms. My sleep has improved massively, and the hot flushes are improving with practice of the techniques. Really helpful and I would definitely recommend the sessions.

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