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The Difference Between Counselling and Life Coaching

The Difference Between Counselling and Life Coaching
The Difference Between Counselling and Life Coaching

The Difference Between Counselling and Life Coaching

Counselling is a talking therapy which concentrates on finding ways to deal with a clients problems rather than giving advice or simply telling someone what they should do.

Counsellors must not give their opinion or give their views but instead they should encourage the client to find their own solutions and establish ways to develop a better approach to manage their issues. Once a client decides to begin counselling they are committing to a process that can take a substantial period of time and also takes consistency in order for it to work effectively.

During a session, the client will be encouraged by the councillor to discuss recurring behaviours and this will eventually lead to them being able to develop a better understanding of themselves or of others, if they are the result of the raised issues. Situations that have occurred in childhood can lead to issues in later life and during the sessions the client will be asked to re visit and study certain experiences during these times and question the impact that they had on the client. The Counsellor will ask questions which enable the client to retrace their earlier life and experiences and addressing if these can be the reason for the ongoing issues and behaviour.

It is the role of the Counsellor to help the client to believe in themselves, to empower them and to guide them to a confident outcome.

A Life Coach on the other hand, is someone trained to help the client see an issue clearly and only concentrates on where the client is at present, then they will proceed from that point and word together to find ways to move forward and towards the clients goals. The client is aware that they want to change something in their lives but don’t know how to do it. During the sessions it is not the job of the Life Coach to tell the client what to do but instead, to offer themselves as a sounding block or board to help the client to feel safe and secure in the journey of discovering what it is that they want to do and to achieve. Therefore, their role as a Life Coach is more of a facilitator whilst helping the client to create the positive changes that enable them to move forward and make the changes, take control and finally follow the path that they want to be on and living the live that they strive for.


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