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Conversations about this transitional stage in every women’s life.

Menopause is such a huge subject. Women can experience so many different symptoms and everyone’s transition will be unique to them. 75% of all women are affected by symptoms and yet we are expected to still ‘hold it all together’.

Here are 5 Top Tips to help you navigate through this significant phase in your life.

Feeling Anxious

There are big changes going on and you need to be kind to yourself. Try using the 5 breathe technique. Inhale deeply through the nose, hold the breathe, then exhale deeply through the mouth, repeat 5 times. Using this when you start feeling overwhelmed by anxiety.

Hot Flushes

Breathing techniques are useful here too. With a breathe in visualise your body cooling down and repeat the process. This will also help you to remain calm as the hot flush passes. Cutting out or reducing your caffeine intake and maintaining a healthy diet will also help.

Lack Of Sleep

This is a big one. Sleep is so important to the quality of our life. The reduction of estrogen during Menopause contributes to sleep disturbance. Try to stick to the same bedtime routine, making sure your bedroom is at a cool temperature. Avoid alcohol and meditation is a great way of sending you to sleep feeling calm, relaxed and at peace.

Weight Gain

Again, we can blame hormones for this one too!! As our hormone balance changes during menopause our metabolism can slow down and we can become aware of weight gain especially around the stomach area. Reduce the amount of processed food that you consume. Change to a Low Carb diet and make sure that you are eating enough protein. Increase your exercise too. You don’t need to do a Joe Wicks HIIT session every morning, a good brisk walk will still be good for you.

Low Mood

Think positive thoughts. Changing your outlook could help improve your mood. This technique really can help. At the end of each day take time to note down a list of good things that have happened to you during the day. It can be the simplest of things…..completing your To Do List, taking the dog for a walk, chatting to a friend. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Exercise regularly and eat well.


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