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The environment and the individuals that you grow up with can be instrumental in the forming of relationships throughout our life’s. Our first strong relationships are with parents, siblings and teachers. How you are valued by these influencers in your early years can determine how you go on to form future connections.

The relationships you have with others forms an integral part of your life. A strong and healthy one can offer us the very best of experiences, leaving us feeling nurtured, fulfilled, supported and I think most importantly, able to be our true selves when in this person’s company.

But the reality is that relationships can be challenging and at the worst level, toxic. Navigating your way through them, dealing with other people’s agendas can at times be exhausting, and can leave us experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety or unease in their company. If you feel as if you cannot be the real you with this person it is not a healthy relationship, and you should ask yourself whether the best outcome for you would be to walk away. This can feel overwhelming and scary but remember, negative energy is draining and therefore serves you no benefit.

If you do not change the outcome, you repeat and repeat the learned behaviour from your childhood and carry it into each relationship that you form.

“To change your behaviours, you need to change your feelings and to change your feelings you need to change your thoughts. Hypnosis could help you reframe. Instead of seeing yourself as the victim you could consider yourself a victor. You were brave enough to take the plunge and allow yourself to fall in love”

- Natasha Kelly in Heal the heart with Hypnosis

How can Hypnotherapy Help?

A session of Hypnotherapy will give you the clarity that you have been searching for.

Hypnotherapy can help to reframe your limiting beliefs that have developed over a long period of time. By tapping directly into your subconscious mind and resetting how you think enables us to change the way you value yourself moving forward. In a Hypnotherapy session we focus on removing the negative life restricting beliefs.

Being in a negative relationship can affect your self esteem and confidence and Hypnotherapy can successfully reframe how you see yourself focusing on positive changes to bring to the forefront the strong, empowered and awesome woman you truly are and one that you love.


We Empower You To Make The Changes You Want In Your Life.

At So Hypno, we help clients to achieve their goals through hypnotherapy. We provide a natural alternative to tackling problems in a safe and confidential environment. We can deliver hypnotherapy sessions in Northumberland, Cumbria, Country Durham, Tyne and Wear as well as throughout the UK via Skype or Zoom.

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